S.S.B.K. Martial Arts Founder Members and management team

S.S.B.K. Martial Arts was founded and is run by a team of like minded individuals who wanted to give something back to their communities sharing their knowledge and experiences with the next generation.

Keith Mewes Shihan

Keith Mewes
Shihan (Chairman)

Keith Mewes 7th Dan Shihan
'Shihan' S.S.B.K. martial arts.
S.S.B.K Senior founder member
SSBK Student.

Gill Mewes Doshi

Gill Mewes
S.S.B.K Secretary

Gill Mewes Sensei 4th Dan
'Doshi' S.S.B.K. Martial arts
S.S.B.K founder member
S.S.B.K. Martial Arts Club Secretary

Jack Hearn

Jack Hearn Hanshi
S.S.B.K. Technical Advisor

Jack Hearn Hanshi 9th Dan
'Hanshi' S.S.B.K. Martial arts.

Barry Gravill

Barry Gravill
S.S.B.K. Welfare officer

Barry Gravill Sensei 4th Dan
'Doshi' S.S.B.K. martial arts.
Club instructor Worksop and Carlton Judo clubs
Welfare Officer SSBK

Angela Gravill

Angela Gravill
S.S.B.K. Northern Area Secretary

Angela Gravill Sensei 1st Dan
Area secretary Worksop & carlton judo club

Sherry Kendall

Sherry Kendall
S.S.B.K. Founder member

Sherry Kendall Sensei 5th Dan
'Renshi' S.S.B.K. Martial arts
4th Dan Judo, 1st Dan jitsui and go shin jutisu (5th dan),Yellow belt aikido, Higher brown tai jitsui

Mike o'Hare

Mike o'Hare
S.S.B.K. Welfare officer

Mike O'Hare
Sensei 3rd Dan Doshi
Club instructor Hagakure Budo Kai
Welfare Officer S.S.B.K.
S.S.B.K. Student

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Rob Sharpley
Shodan S.S.B.K. Martial arts.

S.S.B.K. Martial arts fundraiser.

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Elaine Sharpley
Shodan S.S.B.K. Martial Arts.

S.S.B.K. Martial Arts Fundraiser.